Best Wingsland S6 4k Camera Foldable Quadcopter Selfie Drone Review

If you’re on the hunt for a drone with many exciting features the Wingsland S6 4k Camera Foldable Quadcopter Selfie Drone definitively is an excellent option for you, but before you go ahead and order this Foldable Selfie Camera Quadcopter let’s first tell you a bit more about it..Chosing the right drone for the right purpose can be quite hard in this ever so fast growing market. If however you need something simple, versatile and still want to able catching high quality pictures and videos without breaking the bank, the Wingsland S6 Foldable Selfie Quadcopter with 4K Camera could very well be your choice of selfie camera drone!

So lets have a closer look at what’s inside the Box!

Inside the box there’s a little plastic clam shell case that serves to protect your new drone. Keep it because it’s going to come in handy later.  The shell case is perfect for storing your drone while you put it in your bag or backpack.

The Wingsland S6 4k Selfie quadcopter is small enough to easily fit in your pocket, your bag or your backpack and that’s good news if you are the type that likes to take your drone along with you.


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The Functions

The Wingsland S6 Foldable 4K Camera Selfie drone offers a vast variety of features and functions.

You have camera control, FPV, automatic following, one key taking off, sense control, one key automatic return, point of interest, voice control, gravity, low-voltage protection, one key landing, selfie, turn left/right, up /down and WiFi connection and more…

You may find it odd not to have sticks available as the drone is flying when you want to change a setting, but in due time, you’ll get used to it.

You can easily hide the screen by tapping the small radio signal.  And in order to access most settings, you hide the gimbal screen.

On the left, you have all your camera settings. On the right side, you’ll find the drone settings such as the Follow me and POI.

The Controller Unit

It’s pretty darn easy as you simply use your iPhone as the controller. If you have never used your phone to control a drone before, it’s going to take some getting used to, but it won’t be long before you’re a full seasoned pro because it really is that easy to use.


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A closer look into some of the main functions to The Wingsland S6 Foldable 4K Camera Selfie quad :

This quadcopter drone has two flight modes — Beginner and Normal and it has two additional feature based flying modes like course lock and home point lock mode as well.

It does auto follow aka follow me, waypoint, point of interest, programmed flight, among others, and the the touch screen controls should be easy to learn and use.

There is even a built in flight simulator for the Wingsland S6 4k Selfie Camera Foldable Quadcopter Drone. Excellent feature for beginners who want to learn the controls and have some practice without the worries of crashing your actual drone.

Point of Interest – When you enter the Point of Interest into the controller, the drone will start circling the spot you identified as your point of interest.

During this time, you can still control the flying altitude of your choice and you can pull back on the “stick” in order to make your drone hover around in bigger and bigger circles. This may very well be one of the most exciting and useful features as it makes it easy to capture pretty effectful video shots.


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FPV – Technically, you can fly this drone FPV style, but this will consist of looking at the screen under your thumbs while you fly.

One Key Taking Off and Landing – This feature is easy as it works exactly as described.

Turn left/right, Up/down – This features works very well. The Wingsland S6 quadcopter drone flies nicely and the GPS hold and flying characteristics are nothing but impressive however simple.

Camera Control – With the The WINGSLAND S6 you will have the ability to change the camera while it’s in the air.

Easily turn the EIS on and off, change white balance, change the frame rates and more. No matter what you do the controls are working they way it’s supposed to do and it will work well.

For something so compact and thin as this Quadcopter, it’s really surprising the camera is so good and you’ll be able to get quite good pictures and videos with it.

The Sony IMX214 attached can do 4k recording at 30fps or you can film with 1080 at 60fps.

One Key Automatic Return Home – This is simply a great feature! Many people claimed that with this feature turned on, the drone returned about six inches from where it took off which is quite amazing.

Automatically Following – This function lets the drone follow you around wherever you go


The WINGSLAND S6 4k Selfie Quadcopter Camera Drone with its simple design makes it look quite modern and slick and if you’re looking for a drone that has a variety of neat features, then the Wingsland S6 would be a viable option.

The Point of Interest feature is something that really makes it stand out from the crowd, but we also like the many different options for camera control.

It has a 1400mAh battery that can fly the drone for up to 10 minutes (and sometimes it is possible to get 15 minutes out of the battery). Easily controlled by Android or iOS devices.

The Wingsland S6 4k Camera Quadcopter has a GPS+GLONASS positioning system for precise flying outdoors and it also has an IR, optical flow sensor positioning system, and sonar for indoor or poor GPS areas.


There’s Also POWERFUL Extended Version 4k Selfie Drone Available!

Can be used indoors as well as outdoors, but just remember that because this drone unit is small and lightweight it’s not the best choice for flying in windy conditions. For that you’d need a heavier, more advanced quadcopter. But it all depends on what you want to use your quadcopter for in the first place.

All in all, the WINGSLAND S6 Foldable Quadcopter with its 4K camera is definitely a great entry level drone that’s able to capture some great quality aerial photos and selfies where you don’t have to break your bank.

This camera quadcopter is highly recommendable  to anyone who just want a good little drone and want some practice flying and a great way of catching some great photos, videos and great selfies as well..

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