Parrot AR 2.0 Central Cross Quadcopter Replacement Review

Like purchasing any product, product research is the first step to finding the correct quadcopter drone for the job. I recently came across the Parrot Central Cross replacement for the Parrot A.R drone 2.0 Camera Quadcopter and would like to share my findings with you.

Introduction to the Parrot AR 2.0 Quadcopter Camrea Drone and the And the Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Sand Quadricopter Elite Edition (Sand) ;

There are so many people out there that are trying to get into the hobby of flying drones, and like most, they’re having trouble simply because they do not know what to look for.

Flying drones can be a really fantastic hobby and great fun for users of all ages and abilities. However there are unfortunate accidents where crashes and breakages happen. In these cases it is often a difficult decision over whether to invest in a whole new product or try to repair the old one.

Description of the Parrot AR 2.0 Central Cross Replacement Unit

One of the key features of this drone is that it is specifically designed to be light and strong.

The Parrot Central Cross Unit is the central structure of the Parrot A.R drone 2.0. with Camera.  It is made from durable PA 66 (Nylon) high grade plastic with a 4 PA 66 motor mount with 4 crossed fibre carbon tubes inserted.

Features and Benefits

The Parrot AR 2.0 Central Cross Replacement only weighs 6.4 ounces and is solar powered.

The And the Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Sand Quadricopter Elite Edition (Sand) and the Parrot A.R Camera Drone 2.0. has an instructional arrow printed on it to direct the user which way it should be inserted into the existing Parrot A.R drone 2.0.

Parrot AR 2.0 Central Cross Quadcopter Replacement Unit is made from high grade plastic making it light yet extremely durable!

The features and benefits really stand out from the crowd on this one (this is what really caught my attention) …

It has two wire beams. One is designed to bring battery power to the engines and the other is composed of a 5V to control the engines.

Pros and Cons

The main pro of the Parrot Central Cross Replacement unit is that is allows the repair of a brilliant investment product!

Using the Parrot A.R drone 2.0 makes it possible for hobbyists to get their product back in the air after a crash without having to invest in an entirely new quadcopter drone.

The construction and design of the Parrot A.R Camera Drone 2.0 and the Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Sand Quadricopter Elite Edition (Sand) is set up for this purpose, the drones are extremely repair friendly, and you don’t even need screwdriver to open up the drones up and the central cross pulls easily out of the foam shell as well!

The tools needed to replace the central cross are included in the package so you can go straight into the repair immediately should it be needed after a devastating crash.


The Parrot A.R drone 2.0 truly is an exceptional piece of engineering that many hobbyists would never want to risk loosing out on. The Parrot has been shown to be really earth-shattering product.

Purchasing the replacement Parrot Central Cross Replacement Unit can enable this great drone to get back in the air fast, easily and cheaply.


I would definitely recommend this quadcopter Central Replacement Cross to anybody who has ever had a breakage in their drone’s original central cross. It’s worth the time and effort to get the drone back in the air. So there you have it, one of the best quadcopter camera drones is right in front of you..

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