Best Mola UFO UAV Quadcopter 4k Selfie Camera Drone Review

Mola UFO UAV Classified as Quadcopter

This strange looking device, the Mola UFO UAF drone is despite it’s looks actually classified as a quadcopter. Well, probably not that strange after all as it is equipped with four rotorblades to give this quadcopter drone its power.

The Mola UFO UAV Quadcopter is special in an other sense as well as the drone itself can be operated or controlled through a mobile device, like a tablet, ipad, android cellphone or iphone only.  No big deal really as this means you go download your app before you can operate the device. The app for this drone is easy to download, easy to install and easy to use as well, so as said; no big deal.

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What is the Mola UFO Used for?

Although the Mola UFO UAV drone is  commonly used for photography and film, but of course, like with most every other drone and quadcopter out there with or without a camera, the same goes with the e Mola UFO: It definitively can be used just to have fun  So, if you enjoy having fun as well as taking video and capturing pictures, the Mola UFO would be a great option.

The Design

It is actually so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand and as the picture show, it’s shaped pretty much like a UFO. As far as the design goes for the Mola UFO, it has a rather unique construction and design. A design that catches the eye.

The Mola UFO UAV Quadcopter also is especially equipped with a triple axes EIS technology. This type of technology is useful for ensuring the stability ensuring high-quality video and pictures.  You also get an advanced image recognition technology, which makes for intelligent tracking of certain objects. Thus making the Mola UFO a great selfie drone as all of the features contained will assist getting the best selfies possible.

Advanced Selfie Drone in Disguise as UFO?

That’s right, and as a matter of fact, this is a powerful selfie drone.  There are other selfie drones available in the market, but the various features to this selfie drone makes the Mola UFO UAV Quadcopter stand out from the crowd.

One of the benefits involves the transportable layout so you can launch the drone straight from the palm of your hand. The Mola UFO Selfie drone also has an “advanced picture algorithm” that makes sure your snapshots are clear and strong, even on windy days.

How About Recording Video?

Apart from being excellent for taking selfies, the Mola features the highest video recording quality available on a built-in camera.  You get the Mola UFO Selfie drone with a good video camera that offers 4K resolution, and for this reason, it’s perfect for shooting videos at a professional level.

Lets have a fast look at some of the additional features of the Mola UFO Drone:

  • GPS Compatible
  • Ready to Fly
  • Position Hold
  • Follow Me
  • Altitude Hold

So as you can easily see, you get many of the features of the basic drones with this quadcopter. Of course, it is lacking some features, such as automatic landing, but that’s  not something we would expect from a regular selfie drone like this one.

Pair the Drone with a Smartphone or Tablet

To make the Mola UFO to work wonders for you, just simply download their special app onto your compatible smartphone or tablet. The app will let you master your new 4k camera drone directly with your mobile device. This feature is quite popular with many users because of the ease and portability being able controlling your drone from your mobile device. You simply don’t have to deal with extra gadgets, which is a huge plus when taking great pictures, videos and selfies.


Wen going through this review, we weren’t able to find much downfalls to the Mola UFO UAV 4K Quadcopter with Camera Drone. Looking at the specs and features of this drone, it’s the perfect selfie drone. So, if you are the type of man or woman who enjoy shooting great selfies and sharing your photographs with your friends and family, this drone right here could be the perfect option for you.

As of now it isn’t quite clear yet when the MOLA-UFO UAV 4k Quadcopter Selfie Drone will be available for purchase, but you can find tons of the best 4k selfie drones most reasonably priced over at Amazon ready for action right now!

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