Holy Stone F181 RC Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera Review

If you regard yourself to be an ace flying drones, you would probably want to take a closer look at this Quadcopter. It’s cool and it is fully equipped with a decent HD Camera!

The Holy Stone F181 RC gives you the very latest in technology in regards to anti-heating and stabilization policies, and with this drone you will be able to performing the most awesome stunts like conquering the toughest and most crazy indoor and outdoor obstacles you can think of.

Not least, you’re getting an advanced RC Quadcopter drone fully equipped with a full fledged HD camera for your enjoyment.

This Quadcopter manufacturer is known for manufacturing high-quality mini drones that are both high performance and very maneuverable and fun to operate.


Quadcopter Product Specifications for the Holy Stone F181 RC

The Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone has four high performance brushless coreless engines.

If you’re not that familiar with this kind of technology, the brushless Coreless Engine will prevent the motor assembly from getting too hot after it has been on an extended flight.

The propeller blades on the quadcopter is designed with a slight curvature to help maneuverability, increase your fun of operating it and boost performance quite a bit by decreasing air resistance.

The Holy Stone F181 RC Drone is a cool quadcopter that has been labeled a mid-range UAV which balances aerial photography and maneuverability pretty well together.

Video/Camera Capabilities

Talking about the video and camera capabilities, you’re getting a full fledged Quadcopter Drone with a good 2-megapixel CMOS imaging sensor.

The camera is fully able of recording in HD quality. Even better, the imaging censor is also equipped with auto-focus capabilities.

The auto-focus capability is pretty decent and you should easily be able to get good pictures and video recordings without that shaky or blurry appearance like some of the more simple drones produce.


The Holy Stone F181 RC Drone Quadcopter Drone is powered by a high performance 3.7 V 750 mAh battery to make sure your quad will stay flying for a little over 8 minutes.

Alltogether though the time your drone can operate before having to recharge your battery will ultimately depend on what features you are using.

If you use your camera and/ or are performing several stuntsa and rolls, the battery will of course run out of juice faster. But if you want longer time in the air without waiting, why not invest in a couple extra batteries for your convenience.

The Radio Controller

The controller doesn’t have anti slip materials like some of the other controllers in the market. Still this isn’t much of an issue.

The Radio Control is compact and sleek and it is so small you can fit it comfortably in the palm of your hands with ease. Still, there are some customers that weren’t big fans of the pointy end of the stick-like controller because the surface felt a little too sharp to the touch.

Still it seems the company put some thought into designing the controller. The overall design is decent and the Radio Control is compact and sleek and it is so small you can fit it comfortably in the palm of your hands with ease.

Operating the Quadcopter Drone

While The Holy Stone F181 RC Drone may seem a bit on the bulky side and not recommended for flying inside, don’t be too surprised that it do indeed exceed many expectations.

In fact you’re getting a quadcopter fully capable of performing some pretty awesome stunts.

Due to the Quadcopters’ 6-axis stabilization technology fast and sharp turns are performed easily and decently.

The blade guard provides extra protection as well, which comes handy should you crash your drone.

Flying your quad drone in windy conditions is a breeze. In facts, lots of people say they they were fully able to operate this quadcopter on windy days without having any problems with their drone.

Some Extra Features and Specifications:

Holy stone F 181 has 6-gyro headless system tol help keep track of your quadcopter

Design to stand and operate with Increase wind resistance

4 GHz, 4-channels remote control with a small display

The Quadcopter is equipped with Four Advanced Brushless Coreless Engines

Plastic frames protecting the rotorblades to keep your quadcopter safe and increase durability.

Perform awesome stunts and do 360 degree flips simply by touching one buttun.

The Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter drone can even perform 4-way flips.

Transmission Range: from 50-100 meters

Useful and informative operating manual

6-Axis gyro stabilization system

The Holy Stone F181 drone has its own landing skids

And not to forget, the Quadcopter has an inbuilt “return home” system.

To sum it all up:

If you’re on the look for a decent Quadcopter Drone with Camera, The Holy Stone F181 should easily be among the top choices on your list.

The responsive controls, amazing maneuverability and attractive price tag is what made us want to take a closer look at this Quadcopter Drone.

Simply put you’re getting a pretty decent drone at a good price.


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