Exciting Future of Quadcopter Drone Racing

Who would have thought only 10 years ago that quadcopters and drone racing were going to be one of the hottest sports and recreational hobbies of the future?

Fast forward today; did you ever hear of the first National Drone Racing Championship?

Well, even today there are lots of people who don’t realize this exist yet, but not for long I guess as drones, quadcopters with and without cameras are taking the world like a storm. And tomorrow not least due to the internet and sites like this, even more people will know.

Recently you had the World Drone Prix arrangement taking place in Dubai where the lucky winner brought home the decent amount with a total of $250,000 in price money for his endeavors.

The lucky winner was a 15-year-old boy from England making a killing with his newfound little hobby…

Regardless of how you see it, its a solid fact there is growing excitement surrounding drone racing turning into a new sport. As excitement grows more competitors are going head to head racing against each other with their futuristic drones and quadcopters.

These are small quadcopters are extremely fast and extremely agile. These aircrafts can easily cruise at speeds up to a hundred miles an hour and more. Quite impressive when you know the operators maneuver these little camera drones through tracks full of all kinds of obstacles.

As we speak there are several dozens of drone races being held every month worldwide.

Up until now despite everything this new sport still has no place to speak of in the mainstream arena. My guess though is; that’s not for long as this sport is skyrocketing like wildfire. More and more people are waking up daily to the wonderful and exciting world of drones and quadcopters.

What About The Pilot Behind the Control…

Unlike most other racing sports, things like car races, horse races and so on, there is no man or woman inside controlling the drone (of course).  The pilots is positioned to the side, equipped with special goggles as they’re steering their drones based on the video feed fed through a camera mounted on the nose of their quad.

For the insiders this is called FPV racing, and maybe if you’re familiar with the world of video gaming, which is pretty close to this by the way… You may already have heard of this term. FPV is short for First Person View.

The Exciting Future of Quadcopter and Drone Racing

Make no mistake about it, and as you can see for yourself on the attached videos, drone and quadcopter racing has come to stay and it’s fast forward to becoming the big thing.

These kinds of electronic sports have been around for decades through the “more regular” RC sports as we know them, but the real time visual where you can see through the video camera attached to these drones is something that adds another flavor to the entire game.

These RC sports are already worth millions and millions of dollars. And now the new trend of drone and quadcopter racing is charging ahead really fast.

According to statistics sales of drones and quadcopters with and without cameras has skyrocketed. In no more than a year sales has risen four times which is exceptional.  It was estimated that sales in 2016 were approximately 1.9 million USD, and we can presume the hype around drones and droneracing is going to jack these numbers many times over in the years to come.  As a matter of fact, this trend is still only in its early cradle. Hardly only got started.

Recently the Drone Nationals attracted hordes of people to their arenas, and whenever that happens, big national and international blue-chip sponsors follows suit. Huge corporations like GoPro and AIG are naturally eager to sponsor the next rising star. And as these shows finally moves into the mainstream media, tons of more people will wake up to the excitement and joy of this sport.

Ultra High Speed. Great Entertainment for The Masses

While the pilots may not have much of a choice in regards to the view they use, the audience does. The most popular choices include first and third person.  This is high-tech entertainment in world class. At times you’ll see the drone from the sidelines as they are hurling by, while in the next moment  you’ll be watching the show in direct view video from the drone’s perspective. This way you’ll see everything exactly in the same perspective as the pilot.

The drones are moving so fast that sometimes they’re a bit hard to spot, which of course is a huge drawback. The Drone Racing League however wanting to jack up their popularity recently developed a solution to this problem. They simply placed bright colorful LED lights and matching rotors on their drones.

This way they got drones way more visible against the background, making them way easier to tell apart and follow through the tracks.

Entertainment is what this is all about. Orchestrating great shows to their audience is vital and this is serious show-biz from beginning to end. Happy quadcopter and drone racing to you!

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