Airblock Drone Quadcopter Hoovercraft Review

What is the Airblock Drone?

Ever heard of the The Airblock Drone and the concept behind it? Well The Airblock Drone was designed so you could be a little creative and encourage the spirit of creating your own flying gadget. With this drone you can create flying machines like magic and morph it from a drone to a hovercraft, and then back into a drone again.

The blocks or parts are magnetic and the drone is made from modular parts that are easy to put together, and take apart without using any tools whatsoever. The parts are made from engineered plastic foam, so it’s safe to fly indoors as well as outdoors. And this drone is very crash-friendly as well.

Pretty Exciting… Pretty Amazing!


If you’re looking for a drone that’s pretty strange and really awesome, look no further! The Airblock “Quadcopter” Drone is capable of flying through the air, then transform itself into a hovercraft and glide perfectly over solid ground or water. The Airblock Drone is an educational drone designed and developed by the DIY robotics company Makeblock, based in San Francisco.

Controlling Your Creation

After assembling the Airblock Drone which is pretty easy, you’ll be able to control it via Bluetooth using the Makeblock app for both Android and iOS on your smartphone or tablet.

Not only is this drone pretty much fun, it’s also rather educational and is an excellent tool to teach children about aerodynamics and coding. Here’s an example; you can drag and drop maneuvers that have been pre-programmed within the app in order to make the drone come to life. Then easily combine several operative commands and design your own special aerial stunts on the go.

Two Flying Machines in One Device

The Airblock Drone is in fact two flying machines in one device.  Easily build your own hovercraft or what about redesign it to be a regular flying drone in just a few simple steps. Furthermore you can take the parts and create several other DIY projects.  For example; how about using the parts of the Airblock Drone to power a Lego car? Pretty cool really!

Then you can program and set up the durable blocks via the easy-to-use app mentioned above using the visual programming language conveying the essence of coding.  Instead of using text, it uses a graphical interface, making the entire process fast and easy to do.

Maximum Speed

The Airblock Quadcopter drone has a maximum speed of around 1.5 meters per second. In hovercraft mode, it can hover with a speed of 2.5 m/s.

Flight Time

The AirBlock drone has a flight time of six minutes only, which is a little disappointing, but not to worry!  You can easily enhance flying time by having several batteries with you.


Even though the idea behind the Airblock Drone is nothing new really, this particular combination in a single product makes the drone pretty unique in its own way after all. And the drone has one main module that operates as the programmable core.

There is a total of six blade or rotor modules in the package and you’re free to combine all the modules in any way you want. You can put your machine together in a series of different configurations, each giving your drone a particularily different effect.  And as mentioned before, there’s even a pretty cool hovercraft base to allow you to assemble the parts into a pretty cool flying hovercraft.

The modules are magnetic and lets you create whatever configuration you want from the supplied parts, making it very easy to attach and detach the parts without any tools whatsoever.  This particular feature makes it safe even for children to use. It somewhat resembles how it is putting a piece custom Lego kit together.



The Airblock Flying Drone is a perfect tool and toy to fly both for adults as well as children. The Airblock drone is educational in many ways as it lets you create your own design and then test out how it flies. The ability to transform the Airblock Quad from a drone into a hovercraft in easy steps only makes the product even more desirable and a toy well worth every penny.

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